ASTALAVISTA Relaunches with the Best Cloud-Based Security Checks for Individuals and Companies

Decorated with niche status for being the biggest security-enthusiast community in the world, ASTALAVISTA is re-launching itself in an all-new manner providing the best Cloud-based Security checks for individuals and companies, still in Open Beta stage, ASTALAVISTA is open and free for all to join and participate on the open beta.


Chur, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2013 -- ASTALAVISTA is all set to eliminate the need for expensive onsite software and hardware by providing a Cloud based security check for both individuals and companies alike. They provide the most comprehensive cloud based security check for vulnerabilities and provide solutions for any potential problems discovered. With over 1.5 million people affected by cybercrime everyday, the need for a cloud based security has never been felt more before, ASTALAVISTA knows this and provides the best next gen security checks, they not only provide scans for any Internet connected device for vulnerabilities but also provide solutions for any potential problems. Now in open beta stage it’s free for all to join and get a taste of the new and the next generation cloud based security.

ASTALAVISTA helps you in the in the following ways

- Scan your device - ASTALAVISTA can scan your web reachable device and once it detects any vulnerability it presents them to you in an easy understandable manner.
- Easy to Understand Visualization - ASTALAVISTA provides the right amount of information for you to understand the vulnerability. Be a novice or a tech savvy person, the information provided by ASTALAVISTA is easy to understand.
- Hassle-free Cloud solution - ASTALAVISTA does not require the user to install any software or hardware, all one has to do is to login and check the vulnerabilities in his or her devices.

For Website Owners, ASTALAVISTA checks the servers and websites for any loop holes that hackers can use for their motive and for individuals it checks laptops, desktops, routers etc.

“I was amazed to see how many problems my website had, ASTALAVISTA has made it so easy for me to understand these problems and be better equipped” Kenneth Fisher, CA, US (a customer of ASTALAVISTA)

Started by a computer enthusiast in the year 1997 as a security community, ASTALAVISTA attracts more than 100,000 people every day from all aspects of life from home and enterprise users, universities, government and military institutions. The team in ASTALAVISTA is a dedicated bunch of individuals who love what they do. The company and the people believe in providing the best Cloud based security service solution in the world. Join today!

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