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Aston’s Adorn Top Brass With Luxury Custom Dressing Gowns


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2012 -- After a hard day at the forefront of your field, there’s no feeling quite like disposing of the corporate get-up on the bedroom floor and enveloping yourself in the luxurious pelt of a high quality dressing gown.

Dressing gowns create a clear separation between the worries of work and the comfort and relaxation of home. It’s no wonder then that such a feeling makes an excellent gift.

It’s in the giving of such gifts that Aston’s specialise: some of the highest quality dressing gowns can be bought from Aston’s of London, who supply Men’s Dressing Gowns not only for the discerning gift-giver, but for a high-profile list of celebrities.

Darryn Lyons, paparazzo and Celebrity Big Brother contestant is now known by his signature “Mr Paparazzi” dressing gown, while Jamie East enjoyed his dressing gown crying “Holy Moly”. Even Sir Philip Green is in on the action, with his bespoke embroidered dressing gown.

This kind of service may sound like the kind celebrities could expect, but Aston’s insist that this is simply how they do business. The embroidering of custom titles and slogans offers a personalisation that can give a gift the edge in a competitive marketplace. The average man in the street can enjoy the same quality, customised product without needing to break to bank.

This approach has been developed to provide maximum choice to a market where needs can often be extremely specific. Their range of men’s dressing gowns are made of top quality materials ranging from velour and luxury microcotton to Egyptian cotton, and are available in a wide range of colours, from plain white and black to ostentatious tiger print. Customers can then place an order with Aston’s and request a custom embroidering, and the dressing gown will be delivered emblazoned with the customised message.

This extra mile is intrinsic to their business practices. “We love happy customers,” Aston’s told us, “We prefer to spend our time doing what really counts: having a genuine desire to offer a truly personal service, and making sure our gifts are delivered on time.”

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