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Astralux Announces Completion of Vertical Axis Solar and Wind Power Generator


Geneve, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2012 -- Vertical-axis wind turbines have already proven to require less maintenance, compared to the traditional three-blade horizontal axis wind turbines. Astralux Ltd. has manufactured a turbine with rotor compensated by magnetic suspension (partial levitation), which decreases natural wear and tear and greatly increases efficiency while minimizing vibration.

Due to minimal number of friction parts, Astralux’s wind turbine maintenance-free life is intended to reach ten years, which is supported by a warranty for the same period. The materials used, such as steel, aluminum and plastic are simple, easily protected and not degrading over time, that allows total useful life of a turbine to reach 100 years.

The lightweight barrel-like rotor with high blade coverage ratio allows low start (cut-in) wind speed – 1.5 m/s. A two kilowatt turbine reaches its rated power at a wind of 10 m/s. Unlike traditional wind turbines – both vertical and horizontal axis – it is possible to get more power than rated with wind increase. This is possible due to a non-conventional patented generator design. For example, at wind speeds of 15 m/s the wind turbine will generate 7 kW.

Maximum power output of the turbine has to be limited, to accommodate capabilities of conversion and charging equipment, however the top limit can be adjusted to fit requirements of locations where average wind speed is higher. The vertical design of the turbine allows using the wind from any direction, at any time, with no need for reorientation. The presence of an active stator part, which also accepts wind flows from any direction and tunnels these flows to the inner part of the rotor, doubles efficiency for wind flow use.

The design of Astralux’s wind turbine rotor assumes low rotational speed and therefore avoids infrasound. It allows installation of turbine close to places where people work and live, on top of roofs and high-rise buildings. The electricity produced will compensate power usage from the grid, decreasing expenses and adding futuristic looks to a building. Turbine may be installed on any plain ground as well.

An “artificial wind”, created by warm air flows originating from the roof of the stator part of the turbine adds to total power output of the turbine.

The beginning of the manufacturing of a 2 kW wind power generator is the first step in Astralux’s company strategy to build larger turbines. With its simple design, simple technology, inexpensive materials and standardized spare parts Astralux’s new wind turbines are easily scalable up to several megawatts utility class. At the moment Astralux Ltd. accepts orders for wind turbines up to 10kW of rated power.

Astralux promotes sustainability as a core value. Wind turbines are friendly to the environment, safe for animals and made of recyclable materials. Installation may be performed also using local labor forces.

Learn more by visiting http://newwindturbine.com

About Astralux Ltd
Astralux Ltd. is a wind energy technology developer and wind turbines manufacturer that was established in November 2009. The Company specializes in vertical axis wind turbines. Astralux regularly participates in major exhibitions and conferences on wind energy, alternative energy and energy forums. The innovative Company is part of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency.