AstroTech CEO Speaks on Essential Leadership Traits

The CEO of AstroTech Training, provides insight into the top leadership traits necessary to lead a business effectively and efficiently in a competitive environment


Johannesburg, GP -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- Liza van Wyk, CEO of AstroTech Training who offers leadership development training, shared what leadership traits are essential to succeed. “To be an effective leader you need to know, understand and demonstrate traits associated with leadership and translate them into desired action on a daily basis. In this competitive environment where companies fight for a slice of the economic pie, researchers and leadership gurus have identified 10 traits or qualities which must be consistently applied to survive,” Says AstroTech CEO, Liz Van Wyk.

The top 10 leadership traits listed by Van Wyk include:

1. Integrity
2. Strategic purpose
3. The ability to empower and encourage others
4. The courage to take measured risks
5. The ability to create a healthy company culture
6. Humility
7. Transparency
8. Passion and determination to succeed
9. Great partners and employees
10. Never stop learning attitude

AstroTech has a wide pool of experts in the field of management and leadership who incorporate these traits in their training courses. Van Wyk elaborated on the need and benefits of some of these traits. “An effective leader sees the big picture and links to the company’s internal and external expectations. Anybody who is going to lead has to be visionary, have a view of where they're going and how they are going to get there.

Leaders prioritise the empowerment of staff. Empowering employees helps them to not only do what they are hired and qualified to do, but to step outside of their comfort zones and try new things while at the same time trumpeting the company’s vision and values.

Leaders have to be open and transparent because people become more committed and engaged when they know what their leaders are thinking and feeling--especially in times of crisis or uncertainty.” Leadership is an important part of management which assists in maximizing efficiency in order to achieve organizational goals. AstroTech offers specialised management courses to help professionals become effective leaders in the workplace.

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