Asus Introduces the New Must Have Tablet Asus VivoTab Smart


Amsterdam, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- Asus Company introduces Asus Vivotab Smart as the latest tablet product that they made. This particular product is the latest brand of tablet that they are offering. Compared to other products and versions of tablets, this particular one has a lot of features that are known as advantages. Most of the features found in this product might be very impossible in other companies’ products. Because of the fact that this is the latest product of Asus, the operating system installed in the product is also the latest known as the Windows 8.

The fact that this product is installed with Windows 8, everyone can benefit from it as they will make use the tablet with better features that any other products don’t have. The operating system installed in this product is the most important feature as this is now the latest. Everyone can also benefit from the feature of this product as it has the Intel Atom Z2760 Dual-core CPU with 1.8 GHz. This feature will let everyone use the product more efficiently. Other tablets don’t have these features as they are very low in quality and performance.

With the portable and removable keyboard of Asus Vivotab Smart, everyone can type on this gadget easier and quicker. Other products don’t have a keyboard like the keyboard that this product has as they are very difficult to use. Everyone can also use this tablet in taking pictures and even videos because of the 8 megapixels camera installed at the back and 2 megapixels front camera. So, talking with friends and family members will be very easy using this tablet.

Connect with other devices and even on the internet is easy with the use of Asus Vivotab Smart because of the one-of-a-kind connectivity functions installed. Customers and users of other products are having problems on other products. Asus Vivotab Smart’s screen can’t be scratched because of its scratch-resistant feature.

All of the features of a great tablet can be found in this product that other products don’t have. Asus Vivotab Smart is now one of the best tablet products that you should prefer. Everyone will benefit from the features and the advantages of this product. Here is a great site to find the Vivo Tab Smart best buy.

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Media Contact:
Koen Graafmans
Amsterdam, Netherlands