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At Customers Find Innovative LED Grow Lights to Maximize Indoor Plant Growth


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2012 -- Many people enjoy growing plants and want to do everything they can to ensure that their plants flourish. This is especially true for gardeners who grow plants indoors. Because these plants are not exposed to the sunlight, grow lights are often required for indoor plants.

Grow lights are optimized to provide plants with the light that they need while avoiding excessive power consumption. One type of grow light that is being used by an increasing number of indoor gardeners is LED light.

The LED grow light industry has taken off, with many customers buying LED lights to maximize growing results. For residents of Canada, there is one company that has been serving the needs of the country’s indoor gardeners. This company is called, and many customers are now consulting its website to find innovative, high-quality grow lights at the lowest prices.

“We have been using our Apollo LED grow lights from Cidly Optoelectronic Technology in our own indoor hydroponics labs for over two years, and I can honestly say that LED grow lights work to grow the plants that you want to grow. The Apollo series is popular in Canada and is gaining the reputation of being the best LED grow lights on the market,” affirms a representative from

Generic LED provides industry-leading name brand grow lights at the cheapest rates but does not compromise on quality. These lights are ideal for hydroponics because LED grow lights run with little heat, and the overall power consumption of a hydroponic garden can be cut in half.

Visitors to the website will see the full range of LED grow lights offered by the company. For each product, there is a detailed description outlining the main features of the light as well as pictures and explanations of the coverage provided by the light. Customers can also review specification charts for each light, making it easy to compare products. Then, customers can place and complete their orders online.

By visiting, customers will find a large selection of LED grow lights to suit their indoor gardening needs.

About provides full spectrum LED grow lights for indoor gardening to Canada. Its Apollo LED grow lights from Cidly Optoelectronic Technology are among the most advanced available. These grow lights provide only PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) light that plants use to grow, so nothing is wasted. No matter what kinds of plants customers grow, they can expect maximum results from LED plant grow lights from

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