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At Last, Announcing an Alternative to Throw-Away Propane Cylinders


Gardena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2016 -- FlameKing Cylinders is introducing the best new innovation for eco-friendly camping, tailgating, and outdoor propane gear- the legally reusable and refillable one pound propane cylinder. Gone are the days of buying expensive single-use, disposable propane cylinders for your camp stove, lantern, portable BBQ, or heater. The FlameKing refillable 1 Lb. propane cylinders are DOT and TC certified for legally refilling and transporting throughout the US and Canada. Outdoor enthusiasts can finally stop wasting money and time on disposable propane cylinders.

"We are thrilled to announce this North American market push to rid the Taxpayers of an expensive Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)" says Brad S., Marketing Rep and Internet Retailer for FlameKing Cylinders. "Our website at is ready for action and the warehouse is stocked to supply our American and Canadian Outdoor lovers with this new technology." Brad says that 40-60 Million of the 'throw-away' cylinders are sold each year in North America for $3-5 dollars each. National parks, Counties, and probably your town then have to cough up another $1.50 - $2.75 for each cylinder to be properly disposed of. "This is a horrible waste of money and resources just to use 36 cents of propane. And that doesn't even count the money taxpayers have to pay on the back end to get rid of the dang things!"

In 2011, Yellowstone National Park alone, approximately 35,000 of these throw-away cylinders were processed and recycled. The problem is so large, Yellowstone had to get their own $60,000 specialty recycling machine just to handle them. Cities and Counties around the country and provinces in Canada have had to develop elaborate waste facility plans to deal with this one product. Single-use 1# propane cylinders in the normal trash system can explode and damage equipment accounting for significant amounts of down-time in transfer stations and sorting facilities around North America. Brad adds, "This accounts for a significant expense to the taxpayers- so if only half of the estimated cylinders sold in North America are processed properly, the conservative cost to taxpayers is more than $40 Million dollars annually!"

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This is a four season product- just in time for Ice Fishing and Hunting seasons, these cylinders fit all makes and models of heaters, lamps, and stoves that accept standard fittings of throw-away cylinders. FlameKing cylinders are stamped and certified just like your refillable BBQ tank and are engineered for use over 10 years. "Sure, they are a bit more expensive to start off, but do the math…" says Brad, "These things pay for themselves pretty quick, especially if you're like a Scout troop, using 10-15 of them per weekend!"

About FlameKing Cylinders
FlameKing Cylinders developed the new cylinder valve in 2013 and began rolling them out to some Ace Hardware and small propane retailers in 2015. We want many more retailers to get on board. The cylinders are currently available in 55-60 retailers, mostly on the West coast; and FlameKing is in talks with some national outlets. They say that public demand for this money saving product is the thing that most store owners need to get off the fence. Kamp's Propane of Northern California has been the first big propane retailer to jump on this idea and go for full distribution throughout all its' locations. "We expect to move about 6000 of these camping cylinders for 2016. The demand is there, we just need more exposure so the public knows how to take advantage of this" says Josh Simpson, of Kamp's Propane.

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