At the Future of Chrome Paint Just Got Much Brighter


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2012 -- Are you a hobbyist wanting to do a chrome paint job? Or even a professional painter, trying desperately to re-create the look of chrome plating, now there is a solution. Get over to The and check out their all new Mega Chromer, a sprayable chrome paint system. Materials packages include everything you need to make the Chrome finish, as well as spectacular tints that be added to transform the Chrome Paint finish into brilliant Gold, Red and even Black Chrome finishes to name a few.

Sprayable Chrome Paint is changing the way we look at surface decoration. If you are in the wheel business you certainly understand the need for a more environmentally friendly way to achieve the look of chrome without the cost to the planet, and this is it. If you build or develop props, prototypes or even architecture Chrome Paint lets you transform it all with ease.

Don’t be fooled by it’s name the Mini-Chromer is a powerhouse of a package, with its included Dual Head Chroming Gun, Activator Gun and an Infinite Rinse Gun, as well as necessary air lines, fittings, and chemical containers. For detailed information as well as download-able .pdf’s head on over to the site.

Whether you need equipment to do the process, completely universal chemicals that will work PERFECTLY in your existing equipment, or even chrome film for chrome wrapping your vehicle, you will find it all at A bright new world of Chrome awaits you.

Professional painters and hobbyists alike can’t go wrong with The Mega Chromer with its ergonomic design and completely concealed components it adds a new “flair” to even the most modern of paint facilities. With all of the latest technologies built in, Chrome Paint has never been easier. The Mega Chromer can handle it all, from the largest of production runs to the smallest of one-off custom tasks with ease. The combination of the best equipment in the market and the brightest, fastest chemicals ever, you can’t lose by choosing The Chromer.

ANY surface can now be transformed into a brilliant Chrome Finish with ease. Rubber, Plastic, Metal, even Styrofoam it’s all the same just point and shoot. Turns out the guys behind The Chromer aren’t really “new to the game” they have actually been working in and developing the Chrome Paint industry for the last 12 years now. By teaming up with Steve Flanagan of HardLifeStyle fame they immediately gain the long list of celebrity “notches on their belt” a quick search on-line revealed MANY projects from 50 Cent’s Chrome Lamborghini, Snoop Dogg and Gold Chrome Footballs, to the latest undertaking in which Nathan Morris from Boys II Men is receiving the Ultimate in Chrome Painted Toys.

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