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ATC Trading Company Launches Sidekick Wine Tote on


Beaverton, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- According to Sidekick, everyone can use the Bottle Tote Carry Bag they have launched. The bag is useful for wine enthusiasts, sports people and those who travel with babies. It is made of premium Neoprene. It is especially ideal during travel for glass wine bottles. Because of its thermal qualities, it can also be used for carrying bottles containing baby milk or water.

Sports fans can also use this wine tote bag for making their day great. The black bag comes with a 100% lifetime warranty.

The point is that this wine tote bag is not only suitable for a wine enthusiast but it is so flexible that it can suit the lifestyle of everyone. While wine enthusiasts can carry their beer or wine supplies to their parties, a sports person can carry his or her cool energy drinks. Likewise, a mother can use the bag as a baby-bottle holder.

The bag protects glass bottles with a capacity of 750 ml. to 1 liter. The soft neoprene material with which the bag is made, prevents bottles from banging and potentially breaking. The bag can be a highly useful accessory especially for Napa wine enthusiast. They can ensure that their precious cargo arrives safely and without any hassles.

Since this tote bag is very light, it is suitable for local travel as well as for traveling to any part of the world. Wine enthusiasts can store their drinks in the bag and keep the bag in their suitcases or carrier bags. They can keep the bag loosely in their car also. Those who are interested in photography can use the bag as a sleeve for protecting their camera lenses. The bag helps in keeping other valuables protected also.

Very importantly, this bag can be a great gift item. So, people can gift this two-bottle tote bag from Sidekick at Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries and during various other special events.

The bag is built soft and ultra-light.  Further, the soft neoprene material that is used for making this wine tote bag is non toxic. Users will find it easy to clean the bag once the party or the sports event is over.

About Bottle Tote Carry Bag
To summarize, this durable wine tote bag can be highly convenient for everyone. Those who intend to buy it on Amazon can get a 40% discount by using Coupon Code- SKBLK405 till 2nd December 2014.

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