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ATC Trading Company Now Offers EZY Tidy Bag - The Ultimate Children's Toy Storage and Organization Solution


Beaverton, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2014 -- For years, the words “pick up your toys” has been the bane of both mothers and children alike. For parents, a child's play area will at times look like a proverbial minefield. For kids, the chore of having to clean up the toys seems like an impossible task. All this begs the question, “Can someone make this easier?” The good news is that somebody did; EZY Tidy Bag has introduced its Toy Storage Bag for just such a purpose, and conveniently distributes this children's storage unit via

EZY Tidy Bag is the perfect holiday gift for children with a room full of small toys and game pieces. It is easy to use and provides a large volume of storage capacity. Simply place the bag on the floor as it easily lays out flat much like a play mat. Then place everything that needs to be stored on the bag's surface area. Finally, to pick everything up, simply grab the straps on the side, and lift; the mess is gone.

Made of durable fabric that can easily be used for outdoor activities, EZY Tidy Bag, as seen at, allows kids to transport their favourite toys to family picnics and barbecues while keeping clean up time as quick and easy as cleaning a bedroom or play room floor.

EZY Tidy Bag is an excellent gift for adults as well. The bag is perfect for storing yoga mats, small dumbbells and workout DVDs. The bag easily hangs off the floor on a doorknob in the closet, keeping it out of the way.

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