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Atelocollagen Market Sluggish Growth Rate Foreseen by 2019-2029

Atelocollagen has been used in a variety of clinical applications at least for the two decades.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2020 -- Atelocollagen Market: Overview

Atelocollagen has been used in a variety of clinical applications at least for the two decades. The products in the atelocollagen market have been extensively utilized in wound healing, in substituting bone cartilage substitutes and as haemostatic agents. Especially it is a derivative of collagen characterized by low immunogenicity, and the most common used sources are porcine and bovine. The atelocollagen market is seeing rising interest due to its potential as a naturally occurring biomaterial in gene delivery. The freedom to vary the concentration of the material has enabled industry players use it for range of therapeutic applications. A recent one is in cancer therapeutics, where atelocollagen-mediated delivery of anticancer siRNAs is attracting interest. Atelocollagens are also utilized as hybrid biomaterials.

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Key end-use industries in the atelocollagen market are cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and food and supplements. Of these, the cosmetic industry has been one of the prominent revenue generating applications.

The study on the market offers a detailed scrutiny of consumer insights, opportunities in the forecast period, revenues of various segments in the historical period, and various other data and insights that influence the pace of the market's evolution. The research offers share and size of the atelocollagen market and its segments, and also delves deeper on how the competitive dynamics will shape the growth.

Atelocollagen Market: Competitive Analysis and Key Developments

Cosmetics brands are displaying a growing interest in atelocollagen as an ingredient in wide variety of applications such as in lotions, creams, and skincare products. This is widely prevalent in Asian nations. They are trying to aim for niche customers by choosing the material of high purity from shark and bovine collagens. Numerous prominent companies in the atelocollagen market are scrambling the space, mainly by adopting cutting-edge purification technologies that can remove degradation products and impurities. Some players in order to gain a competitive edge are looking to modify atelocollagen with lipids and similar materials to offer high-purity raw materials for cosmetic manufacturers.

Some of the well-entrenched players are conducting research in harnessing the potential of atelocollagen in biomedical applications. Prominent names of companies seeing to consolidate their shares in the atelocollagen market are Taike Bio, Stryker Corporation, Encoll Corporation Inc., Shanghai Vive, Collagen Solutions, Collagen Matrix, and KOKEN.

Atelocollagen Market: Key Trends

Growing gene delivery applications of atelocollagen is boosting the prospects in the market. The material has gained popularity over other experimental carriers. Atelocollagen-mediated delivery of anticancer siRNAs is an emerging research area in the atelocollagen market.

Over the past few years, atelocollagen has gained popularity for research applications. Rising demand for high purity collagen solutions has led to demand for protease treatment. Growing use of Bovine dermis has boosted the prospects in the atelocollagen market. Denaturing temperature of atelocollagen is carefully evaluated before all applications, so as to maximize the performance of atelocollagen-based biomaterials for end users. Rise in utilization of biomaterials in cellular therapies has also boosted the growth of the atelocollagen market.

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Atelocollagen Market: Regional Analysis

The atelocollagen market is witnessed rise in revenues in the following key regions: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. Of these, Asia Pacific has been witnessing some big revenue streams. These opportunities have been underpinned by the search for novel cosmetic ingredients. Strides being made in cosmetic manufacturing have unlocked new revenue potential in recent years.

North America is also proving to be a promising market. Biomedical companies have ramped up their investments in unlocking new therapeutic potential of atelocollagen in the U.S.

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