Athletes and Exercise Enthusiasts Are Drawn to the ZYN22 Approach to Working Out


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2017 -- More and more athletes and exercise enthusiast alike are drawn to the ZYN22 approach to working out. Through a combination of cardio and weight training, ZYNstructors lead full-body workouts designed to tone the body as well as strengthen the mind. After signing up for indoor cycling classes at any of their four locations, participants will be inspired by music, dancing and the incredibly upbeat environment; making the innovative, ZYN22 experience something that not only changes a participant's shape or outlook, but also their life in general.

Now, with BARRE22—which is a high-energy, full-body workout created to strengthen and sculpt each major muscle group—everyone can enjoy sweat therapy while performing exercises to the beat of bass-pumping music. By incorporating dance techniques, participants are able to strengthen their cores and create lean, long muscles. Moreover, BARRE22 is led by passionate, enthusiastic ZYNstructors who constantly change up the program, so that nobody ever gets the same class twice.

For those wondering where the name ZYN22 came from, here's the answer: it was once said that it takes 21 days to form a habit, but on day 22, fitness goes from an ordinary routine to so much more. Plus, 22 is a key number in the structure of a perfect circle, and a complete circle symbolizes perfect balance. So through the ZYN22 approach to working out, participants can achieve that center they so deeply desire. Whether someone is interested in classes focusing on cardio or weight training in Southlake, TX or any of its surrounding areas, they can enjoy the best of both worlds with the help of energetic ZYNstructors.

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About ZYN22
Rapidly becoming a widespread sensation, ZYN22 takes a modern, holistic approach to getting fit. The body-spirit renewal workout regimen is more than just an indoor cycling class - it's designed to improve the quality of life so that it can be lived to the fullest. Weight training, cardio, and dancing is combined to uplift the spirit while enhancing the body for a unique fitness experience. ZYN22 is the ultimate sweat therapy for encircling the mind, body, and spirit.

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