Athletes Choose COOLMAX Fiber from SWEAT IT OUT to Improve Performance in 2017


Norristown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2017 -- When it comes to performance wear, more and more athletes are going with COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT®. Whether someone plays a sport, loves working out or simply enjoys going on hikes, they'll stay cooler and more comfortable by wearing any of the cutting-edge products available through SWEAT IT OUT®. In fact, athletes everywhere have already seen a significant improvement in their performance while wearing COOLMAX® fiber. The exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking qualities of the fabric makes it the perfect fit for any athlete looking for that competitive edge.

Let's say a baseball player struggling with lower body injuries is looking for the best compression shorts for hamstring support. Or maybe a fitness enthusiast is now looking for back support shorts after pulling a muscle. Or perhaps a football player is looking for a COOLMAX® fiber shirt to help keep their muscles cool in the heat. Either way, SWEAT IT OUT® has a full lineup of performance wear designed to improve any athlete's game. With high-quality, American made products, there's no better place to go when it's time to supplement all that training and hard work with the right gear.

The difference between an average athlete and a great athlete is all about preparation. So, as long as an athlete trains properly for their opponents, success should soon follow; however, if they fail to plan accordingly, they won't be prepared physically and mentality for the competition. That said, wearing COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT® is a great way for any athlete to ensure they're as prepared as possible before stepping onto the field.

Don't wait any longer to experience an improvement in athletic performance; to learn more about COOLMAX® fiber, call 800-343-8960 to speak with an expert at SWEAT IT OUT® or simply visit their website today.

The SWEAT IT OUT® brand specializes in TRUE COMPRESSION for both the Upper and Lower body, for both men and women, to help prevent injuries and also to help with rehabilitation from an existing injury. SWEAT IT OUT® Performance Compression shorts, Performance Compression Tops, Running Gear, and Performance Compression Pants are made from a unique, powerful fabric designed to be worn next to the skin for a tight fit. The material provides true compression to the underlying tissue and muscle without restriction or discomfort. The LYCRA® fiber content in these garments is the highest available for stretch and recovery. COOLMAX® fiber and LYCRA® are trademarks of INVISTA.

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