Athletes Prevent Injuries and Stay Cool with COOLMAX Fiber from SWEAT IT OUT


Norristown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/11/2017 -- Although the average temperature continues to fluctuate, spring sports are well underway. From soccer, softball and track to lacrosse, baseball and golf, outdoor sports are back in action now that the warmer weather has finally returned. That isn't to say, however, that players haven't been playing in poor weather conditions, or that they won't continue to do so, until the heat of summer arrives. Therefore, athletes should be increasingly aware of how the temperature affects their bodies. Almost every athlete focuses mainly on training, practice and pre-game preparation; however, it's important for them to realize how their choice of activewear impacts their overall performance.

Fortunately, SWEAT IT OUT®, which has been in business since 1985, is a leading provider of American made compression tops and bottoms. Whether an athlete is interested in a compression t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, sleeveless shirt, shorts, pants, underwear, bras or socks, they got it all. Designed with 30% LYRCA® fiber, these garments improve cardiovascular efficiency by increasing blood flow to the heart, in addition to reducing the buildup of lactic acid in muscles. This way, athletes can enjoy faster recovery times and receive the support they need to stabilize their muscles and prevent injury.

What's more, since they're designed with COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT®, these products help athletes stay cooler than the competition while playing in the warmer weather. Let's say someone buys compression shorts for basketball to wear while playing over the summer, for example. Thanks to the breathability and unmatched moisture management of these shorts, their body won't use nearly as much energy to cool down as it normally would. Instead, their muscles will stay fresh, so they gain that competitive edge they've been searching for. To learn more about COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT®, visit their website or call 1-800-343-8960 to speak to an expert today.

The SWEAT IT OUT® brand specializes in TRUE COMPRESSION for both the Upper and Lower body, for both men and women, to help prevent injuries and also to help with rehabilitation from an existing injury. SWEAT IT OUT® Performance Compression shorts, Performance Compression Tops, Running Gear, and Performance Compression Pants are made from a unique, powerful fabric designed to be worn next to the skin for a tight fit. The material provides true compression to the underlying tissue and muscle without restriction or discomfort. The LYCRA® fiber content in these garments is the highest available for stretch and recovery. COOLMAX® fiber and LYCRA® are trademarks of INVISTA.

For more information about SWEAT IT OUT® and its products, visit: https://www.sweatitout.com/