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Athletic Wear Hits the Mainstream


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Sweat suits and gym shorts used to be staple workout clothing, regulated to the back of the closet and only dug out when exercising or lounging about the house. But if dressing to fit the body can help a person eat less and watch their nutrition, perhaps dressing to fit the body during a workout can motivate a person to work harder, or try something new.

Recent updates to workout fashion have allowed yoga pants, stylish tops, and athletic gym shorts and shoes to move to the front of the style scene. Many are wearing work-out clothing as daily outfits, with yoga pants becoming a primary fashion go-to item for many women despite their activity levels.

Many designers are getting on this exercise clothing trend, with famous brands like Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney and others offering chic athletic clothing that is not only essential for physical activity, but offers stylish, fashionable choices to make a person feel and look good in and outside of the gym.

This isn’t the first surge of workout gear hitting mainstream fashion. The 1980’s brought leotards and legwarmers along with those track suits in the back of closets. But this wave of mainstream athletic wear seems to reach all groups and ages – from athletic to general exercisers. If fitness is going to be part of any lifestyle, it’s going to work its way into fashion as well.

Active wear has become the new “black” some fashion advisors say. “Active has become an important part of what customers are wearing,” Karen Hoguet, CFO at Macy’s advises. “Sometimes it’s for athletic endeavors. Sometimes it’s just to run errands.”

Whatever the reason, the fashion industry is booming with calls for functional, stylish fitness clothing that offers comfort and support during activity, and style and coziness during their regular daily routines.

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