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Atlanta Attorneys Attend Networking Meeting

48 companies attend first-ever Atlanta networking event for attorneys


Roswell, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2015 -- A networking event for Atlanta-area law attorneys saw 48 of the invited firms attend the invitation-only meeting. Organizers said they were extremely pleased with the turnout since it was the first ever and a limited number of invites were sent.

"Connections matter. If you are in business, you need to know where to get services and from whom. You need to find people you can count on to deliver what you need," said Montina Portis. Ms. Portis' company, Creative Internet Authority (CIA), was one of the event sponsors. "One of the best ways to build a network of suppliers and vendors is to have networking meetings."

The event was a business-casual affair. Those who attended got to meet other people in the same industry and related industries. Ms. Portis said everyone came away with a better understanding of what is available to law firms in Atlanta.

Another important part of the meeting was allowing the law firms to share their own areas of expertise. Because the practice of law is so broad these days, many firms specialize.

"Attorneys sometimes have a client come in who needs help that's just outside that firm's area of practice. If the lawyer knows another attorney who does that work, he can make a referral," Ms. Portis said. "It's like going to your family doctor. If you need specialized care, he's going to send you to a specialist he knows."

By networking, attorneys find out who practices what and they can refer clients to each other. Ms. Portis said this is an excellent way to build business and a client base within the field of law.

"It actually applies to any kind of business. Business owners get together and compare notes. They find out what everyone does. Then, they know where to go when they need help or their customers need help," she said. "Our networking just concentrated on Atlanta attorneys."

Another invitation-only networking event is planned in March. To be invited, or for more information about the past event, contact Ms. Portis by email,, or call 678-435-9373.

About The Attorney Networking Event
The attorney networking event for Atlanta-area lawyers was sponsored by Atlanta Legal Experts, Peachtree Offices, Creative Internet Authority and B-school for Lawyers. It brought attorneys together so they could better understand what area of the law each office covers.

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