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Atlanta Based Mandaylan Productions Launched New Business Website


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2017 -- Mandaylan Productions, an Atlanta Georgia based production house, recently launched their new website to find and develop business prospects. The production house, which consists of a team of writers, filming and editing professionals and concept developers, is now looking forward to collaborating with other production houses and agencies to help pitch their film and television concepts. The full-spectrum production company is also actively promoting their services to develop business relationships and to create new prospects.

Mandaylan Productions is not just a simple movie and television show production house as the production company exploits all the cutting-edge tools and uses the power of broadcasting media to inspire and enlighten people and to raise awareness. The production house is community-focused and ready to work for the greater good of the greater people. The team of creative people working with the production firm is now committed to achieve something more than material rewards and work for the community.

The production house was founded in January 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. Since its inception, Mandaylan Productions has produced fifty totally original concepts for TV shows and movies. The creative people working for the production house constantly churn out creative concepts that are scripted and canned by the specialists within the team. In addition to that, the production firm has its own management team that takes care of delivery and project management, apart from handling client relations.

With the launch of the new website, the management of Mandaylan Productions believes that it will open up new opportunities for them and help them in bringing about many more original concepts and stellar productions. From now on, Mandaylan Productions will put higher emphasis on social media promotions and marketing so as to reach out to a wider audience.

On the occasion of their website launch, Manny Showalter, a writer, motivational speaker and also the founder of the production house said that they want to bring raw and never-heard-before ideas to the table. "The only goal of Mandaylan Productions is to create ideas and giving shape to out-of-the-box ideas. We have the best people working with us, including the writers, photographers and editors who are committed to produce stellar work every time", said Manny.

About Mandaylan Productions
Mandaylan Productions is a production house in Atlanta, Georgia.

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