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Atlanta Crime Scene Cleanup Firm Stresses Expertise Blended With Compassion


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2011 -- The experts at Platinum Bio Services understand that providing crime scene cleanup in Atlanta can be a complex job that requires many specialties. Intensive hazmat training and OSHA regulation adherence, a unique understanding of law enforcement protocol and expertise in dealing with grieving loved ones are just a few skills this company brings to the table following violent crimes. As a family-owned business, the Atlanta-based bio-hazard abatement company is among the best in the country at assisting those that have been affected by a homicide, suicide or unattended death in their home or business property.

Trauma and violent crime scenes often involve a great deal of blood and other bodily fluids that require highly specialized training and licensure for safe removal and disposal. As the crime scene cleanup Atlanta specialists, Platinum Bio Services are the professionals of choice tasked with returning the scene to normalcy after it has been released by the authorities.

The crime scene clean up Atlanta company staff is fully trained and carries all necessary certifications, is fully OSHA compliant and adheres to Department of Health standards for the authorized cleanup, removal, handling and disposal of bio-hazardous waste. “While an expertise in hazmat handling and equipment is essential to our work, helping people reclaim normalcy and a healthy safe environment with compassion is what we really do,” said a Platinum Bio Services expert.

Having worked with city, governmental, law enforcement agencies, and many families throughout Georgia, the company has created thorough processes for each type of environmental clean up issue. Completing the task quickly and efficiently with courtesy, respect and compassion is paramount. “When dealing with a tragedy, discretion is what the family or property owner deserves and what we provide,” said the expert.

While crime scene cleanup in Atlanta is the primary focus, the company also provides a host of other cleanup services requiring similar protocols, expertise and licensure. Broadly described as environmental cleanup, these tasks can include chemical or oil spill, tear gas, meth lab, trauma or accident, asbestos, mold, and a host of other cleanup scenarios. All are dangerous situations requiring expert handling and disposal. The end result is a safer place that people can return to with no remaining hint of tragedy or environmental danger.

Families, businesses and city officials are often unaware that Platinum Bio Services can help with payment and navigating insurance options. From first contact, through cleanup, disinfection and the insurance process, the company prides itself on relieving individuals and businesses of dealing with every aspect of the event. For more information on Platinum Bio Services, please visit www.platinumbioservices.com