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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2013 -- Drug charges of all types are very serious in the state of Georgia. Regardless of the specific circumstances surrounding an arrest and a pending case, defendants need to protect themselves fully with an Atlanta drug crime defense attorney who has the experience, expertise and skill to produce beneficial outcomes even when the odds seem stacked in the other direction.

Such an instance occurred with a successful appeal decision at the end of 2012. A client of W. Scott Smith, the Peachstate Lawyer, working directly with attorney Daniel Farnsworth, was charged with trafficking in cocaine at the end of 2010. About 28 grams of cocaine was found in the client's car including multiple bags and a combined $20,000 in cash, on both the client's person and in the vehicle.

This is not a good position to be in, to say the least, and a guilty verdict comes with a mandatory 10-year prison sentence, up to 30 years, and a fine of up to $200,000. The evidence seemed to be overwhelming. With a public defender or a firm which simply doesn't fully commit themselves to each and every case, the defendant here would have been on the wrong end of a fairly rudimentary open-and-shut case.

However, the team of experienced Atlanta drug crime defense attorneys at W. Scott Smith Peachstate Lawyer looks into even the smallest of details and facts, as well as previous legal precedents which could apply.

For this client, it turned out that the officer extended the scope of a traffic stop and lacked reasonable suspicion of criminal activity to conduct a search. Evidence found afterward was therefore moot. If not properly argued, with a thorough picture of the timeline, specific details and points of interaction of the traffic stop, along with the utilization of case precedents to back up the claims argued via appeal for motion to suppress, the charges here surely would have stood, and this client would be in the midst of a decade-long prison term. When it comes to serious drug charges, defendants shouldn't leave anything to chance.

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