Atlanta Eco Cleaners Launch "Cleaning for a Cause" Program for Orphaned Children


Canton, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2013 -- Atlanta Eco Cleaners are offering their house cleaning services in Atlanta and neighboring suburbs in their "Cleaning for a Cause" program.

Owner Amanda Howe is asking for donations for house cleaning services in order to help orphaned children in Eastern Europe get hosted in the United States for summer and winter stays.

Amanda expressed her deep feelings for this cause when she came across the statistics for survival for these East European orphans and thought it couldn't be true. "I came across a picture one night on Facebook of a seventeen year old boy who was an orphan and needed help. I initially thought, what does a seventeen year old need help for? He is almost an adult. But then I read the statistic and my heart broke."

The chances of these Eastern European orphans reaching their 20th birthday are only 50% and the ones who make it, 50% of them will be involved in a life of drugs or prostitution.

There is not much hope for these orphans and indeed the suicide rates are through the roof. With no love from a family, or the knowledge and relationship of a loving God, it is easy to see why hope fades so quickly in orphaned teens. They are cast out in the street with barely an 8th grade education and no direction from family or government support and are easy victims for drug runners and pimps to prey on.

Amanda said, "I have 6 children of my own who are all excited that we are hosting a child from Latvia this summer and are ready to show him that he is wanted as part of the loving family we are."

Just the chance to learn English in this environment is enough to make the difference in the life of an Eastern European orphan, but as much as 80% of these children who embark on a journey to America end up being adopted by their host families. The children know that it is a great chance at a new life, but the financial obligation of the host family is high and only a percentage of the orphans will be chosen. Some, are in the orphanage for most of their young lives and never get the chance of hope that a host family in the United States can bring.

Amanda is raising money through Go Fund Me and working with New Horizons for Children in order to host a child for the summer program. You can make a donation at and contact Amanda at Atlanta Eco Cleaners to arrange cleaning services for your donation.

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