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Atlanta Law Firm Provides Representation for Worker's Comp Claims


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2018 -- On a daily basis, employers are tasked with the safety of their employees and the occupants of their buildings, whether it's a construction site, a restaurant or a corporate office. When somebody finds themselves injured due to the negligence of an employer, it is vital they pursue strategic and aggressive legal representation to ensure they receive compensation for their injuries and its effect on their lives. This season, the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson, a workers' comp attorney in Atlanta, is happy to announce that they are available for providing representation for workers' comp-related claims.

Insurance companies retain the services of lawyers and claims adjusters of their own to protect their assets when a policyholder makes a significant claim, such as a workers' compensation suit. Such professionals are highly skilled at deferring claims, exposing any angle that will allow them to pay a policyholder less. Oftentimes, unrepresented claims are ignored altogether. This is why Darwin F. Johnson devotes himself so strongly to his work, whereas individuals may otherwise be alone in battling their employer and insurance company.

As a work injury lawyer in Atlanta, Darwin F. Johnson has settled millions of dollars in workers' comp claims over the years. He offers strategic representation for clients suffering from auto accident-related injuries. This includes accidents involving intoxicated and distracted driving, where a driver's negligence caused injury to another. Those in command of a motor vehicle are expected to drive carefully and responsibly. When they fail to do so and unjustly injure another in the process, the injured party may be entitled to compensation for their suffering.

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The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson provide legal defense for individuals all throughout the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. He provides effective legal defense for individuals unjustly injured while at the workplace and gets them the compensation they need. Clients of Darwin F. Johnson don't pay unless he delivers compensation.

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