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Atlanta Lawyer Assists Injured Construction Workers


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/25/2017 -- Darwin Johnson, a workman's comp lawyer in Atlanta, and head of The Law Offices of Darwin Johnson, is highlighting construction worksite safety. With many potential hazards on construction sites, Johnson says it is imperative not only that construction workers stay alert and avoid dangerous situations, but also that their employers do everything they need to to follow protocols and offer training.

"Let's face it, construction sites are dangerous," said Johnson. "Simply because there's a lot of potential for becoming injured on one, say compared to office places, many of my clients are construction workers."

Johnson noted that while most contractors and construction site employers work hard to do things by the books and keep their employees safe, many times the need to meet a deadline can outweigh the need to follow safety protocols in the eyes of a contractor. "And that's not OK," said Johnson.

Three things that construction workers can do on their own are avoid dangerous areas in which they are not participating in a necessary task, inspect scaffolding before climbing onto it and using properly fitting and appropriate gear.

"Never enter a jobsite without a hardhat, gloves, steel-toe boots and durable clothes that are the correct size," said Johnson. "If you're an employer, make sure to stay up to date on OSHA regulations, and offer your workers the training they need to become certified in the tasks they'll be performing."

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