Atlanta Mall Adds Google Maps Virtual Tour


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- Plaza Fiesta Mall is now using Google's new maps search to virtually walk through the entire mall. The new view fully integrates Google's street view with a virtual tour inside a business that is featured on Google Maps or through a Google search. Bret Doman, the owner (and a professional photographer) of Atlanta Business Pics specialises in using photography to help local businesses with online search enhancement

Many businesses in the Atlanta area are unfamiliar with potential business boosters like the Google's new map search options which contain panoramic virtual tours. Atlanta Business Pics is a Google Trusted Photographer that will create a spectacular virtual tour for almost any business with no additional fees from Google for hosting and displaying the virtual tour listing in their search results. Having a virtual tour of a business available on the internet makes it easier for potential clients to find what they want as well as pick up on visual cues around the business location so that they can find it more easily.

Because this feature is still relatively new, there are plenty of businesses out there that have not yet made their mark on the virtual tour market. With their Google Trusted Photographers, Google can make anyone's business stand out from the rest. For example, customers looking for a night out on the town with friends might want to go to a dive bar rather than a classy five star restaurant. Names can be deceiving. Having a virtual tour set up instantly lets someone know if the listing is the one that they are looking for. It is a completely new way to drum up more business, and now is a great time to cash in on the opportunity.

The virtual tours created by Atlanta Business Pics are interactive. Customers can zoom in on specific items and have a 360 degree view of the entire establishment, both outside and inside. The tour works in much the same way as Google's street view option.

Google Business Photos give business owners access to a virtual tour as well as up to thirty professional, high resolution still photographs which feature the most notable aspects where a business is located. Having Doman create a virtual tour of any Atlanta business will change the way the business appears across three major online platforms: Google's search engine, Google maps, and the business's Google+ page (if they have one). Google Business Photos give business owners a new way to advertise their business to new clients.

About Bret Doman and Atlanta Business Pics
Bret Doman is certified by Google to shoot and upload photos and virtual tours for use with Google's latest update to Google Maps. Phone: 404-793-8174