Atlanta Production Team Launches Indiegogo for Atlanta Arts

Theatre Piece Explores Deeper Meaning of Being Human


Decatur, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2014 -- Nearly 8 billion people on planet Earth, yet as the recent death of comedian Robin Williams points out, people still feel separated and alone. Is this 21st Century aloneness a phenomenon that is more an illusion than reality? A Theatre team based in Atlanta, Georgia has launched an Indiegogo campaign to produce a play discussing the central question of “How To Survive Being Human.”

Written by playwright Lee Nowell and directed by Timothy A. Hand the play is scheduled to be performed at The Big House on Ponce November 13th , 14th , 15th, 20th , 21st , and 22nd . The play stars local talents Blaire Hillman, Jeffrey Zwartjes, and Bobby Labartino.

About How to Survive Being Human
The production is a project of Ex Somnium, a company that uses traditional forms of theatre including modern and esoteric to experiment with the psychoscape that they believe is the human condition.

In “How To Survive Being Human” there are only three characters - Anna, an extraordinary woman whose anxiety produces lightning storms and stops time; Frog, a man who struggles with his sudden transition from frog to human; and God, sitting on a beach sipping a piña colada.

“I blow up transformers and curse at God,” says Anna, “and wonder why I cause plagues and see death. But maybe from your perspective you can see that I cause my own suffering."

It is the intent of the companies working with this campaign to support the Atlanta Arts Community so they have taken a position of only hiring Atlanta area talent, technicians, and designers. Supporting this endeavor will also be supporting the creative economy of artistic professionals in and around the Atlanta area. And they have included many perks to also help enhance the giving experience as well as for enjoying the experience of play itself.

For more information, visit How To Survive Being Human

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