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Atlanta Spine & Sport Is the Only ARP Wave Therapy Clinic in North Metro Atlanta

Over a period of 15 years, ARP Wave Technology has been used on 75,000 patients to repair neuromuscular damage with a 95% success rate. In many cases, the technology has helped athletes to do away with the need for surgical procedures.


Alpharetta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2014 -- Alpharetta based Atlanta Spine & Sport is the first clinic in the area to introduce this revolutionary new technology. Injuries such as sprains, fractures, and tears occur when the body is unable to absorb force. Muscles are the body’s primary shock absorbers and when they are unable to do their job, injuries often arise. This is because the force has to be transferred to other tissues that were not designed to handle excessive strain. Traditional medicine usually focuses on addressing the injuries at the point where it hurts – they don’t take care of the origin of the pain.

Using ARP Wave Technology, Atlanta Spine & Sport can treat shoulder injury patients, knee injuries, and many other mild to severe injuries. The clinic identifies the muscles that allow injuries to occur due to some deficiency and restores them to their proper working condition therefore relieving discomfort and pain effectively and more persistently than traditional medicine. The clinic is the only place where Atlanta shoulder pain patients can be treated with ARP Wave Technology in Alpharetta.

About ARP Wave
ARP Wave is soft tissue rehabilitation technology that uses a patented FDA-registered medical deviceto identify the problematic muscles. The device stimulates the muscles increasing blood flow and speeding up healing and repair of damaged tissue. Combined with specific physical exercises, ARP Wave Technology facilitates pain-free restoration of damaged tissue and helps to restore athletes’ range of motion. Atlanta joint pain patients can improve their physical performance at Atlanta Spine & Sport in addition to healing their injuries.

Compared to traditional medicine, ARP wave technology enables quicker healing from significant neuromuscular damage and it is also pain-free. It deals with the root cause of injuries thereby minimizing the probability of similar future injuries. With the high success rate of ARP Wave technology, drugs, pain, and surgery can be virtually eliminated. Atlanta knee pain sufferers can enjoy relief from pain with this new technology.

People who have been treated using ARP Wave Technology

ARP Wave Therapy has been used on many patients with more than 1000 of them being world-renowned athletes. It can be used on anybody with significant injuries. Some famous athletes that ARP Wave therapy was successfully used to treat include: Football players (Dwight Freeney, Edgarrin James, Larry Fitzgerald, Santana Moss, and Tim Hightower), Hockey players (Darby Hendrickson, Jonathan Toews, and Tim Thomas), Golfers – PGA Tour Pros (Arron Oberholser, Chris Loughney, and Peter Jacobsen), Basket ballers (Blake Griffin, Kevin Garnett, and Shaquille O’Neal), Soccer players (Alessandro Del Piero and Mario Santon), Tennis players (Mike Bryan and Novak Djokovic), Leah Prodomme (Cycling), and MMA fighter Guy Mezger.

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