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HopInTop has announced the release of the long awaited responsive web design.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- HopInTop has announced the release of the long awaited responsive web design that has been developed in-house to help businesses optimize the visual display on tablets, smartphones and all other devices.

So, what is responsive web design? This web design technology allows users across different devices to respond regardless of the size of the device. If a business has not revamped an existing website, then the business is certainly missing out on the enormous benefits that come with a responsive website.

Innovation in the Industry

Developing a responsive web design means that companies need not maintain different web designs. Web analysts project that responsive web designs are poised to shape the future of the industry. Businesses that implement this new and seamless technology will have an easy time to manage online content. Buying a responsive website from a reputable web design company will help avoid downsides that come with low-grade websites with long load times and poor synchronization across different platforms.

Businesses Must Adapt As Consumers Already Have

As consumers are focused on using smaller, mobile and ubiquitous devices, businesses are expected to develop websites that can offer similar or better experiences for all internet users who use devices other than desktops. As internet users visit websites with these small devices and HDTV, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to design websites that give the best display. With this trend, any business website that doesn’t display well on emerging display devices will be shun, and visitors will turn to competitor sites for information they are looking for. Therefore, businesses are supposed to think beyond the ordinary and focus on developing responsive websites. However, this shift should not be done in a manner that compromises the SEO concept of the website.

Every Device Is Different

With over 40% of internet users turning to mobile devices and handheld devices such as smartphones, iPhones and tablets, it means that different browsers, different operating systems and dimensions are being used. At a reduced price of $2,000, a responsive web design will enable business websites to integrate all displays seamlessly and effortlessly without compromising the quality of the display shown on each user’s device. This requires an experienced web designer who is capable of developing a neutral and improved website that accommodates different handheld devices.

This type of responsive platform ensures that only one copy of website contents exists on the web, which is what every business needs to maintain an SEO-friendly website.

HopInTop will develop a customizable Website that seamlessly incorporates the new media devices within a new beautiful design.

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