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Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney Darwin F Johnson Launches New Website GAWorkersCompLawyers.com


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2012 -- Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney Darwin F Johnson is pleased to announce the launch of a new website GAWorkersCompLawyers.com. The attorney specializes in workers compensation, work-related injury and auto accident cases.

Work-related injuries can often result in long-term injury, medical conditions or diseases that can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost wages and medical bills as well as the loss of the person’s job in the state of Georgia. With so few people understanding their rights, how workers compensation works in Georgia and their legal recourse options, Atlanta workers comp lawyer Darwin F Johnson has announced the recent launch of gaworkerscomplawyers.com. “I wanted to create an information portal for people to learn about workers compensation in the state of Georgia so that they can begin to understand their rights under the law,” said attorney Darwin F Johnson.

The new website provides the legal definition of workers compensation as well as detailed information on the laws governing workers compensation cases in the state of Georgia. Many of the most prevalent on-the-job injuries that result in workers compensation application and/or litigation are also discussed in depth.

As an attorney working within the Georgia court system for nearly a decade, Attorney Darwin Johnson witnessed first-hand the lengths to which insurance companies would go to avoid paying injured workers and those injured due to negligence of others. “I have handled over 2,500 cases to date and won or settled over $25 million in workers’ compensation and personal injury claims,” said the workers comp lawyer Atlanta specialist. “In addition to taking that experience and continuing to battle for clients, I wanted to create a website that would help them begin to understand their options.”

The workers comp attorney Georgia specialists’ new website is a reflection of his personalized hands-on approach for his clients. As a lawyer with extensive experience dealing with clients that have suffered injury in auto accidents, Johnson also brings this experience to his practice as well as to the new website. “Work-related injuries are serious business where one's health and livelihood are at stake,” said Johnson. “My goal is to grow the site for everyone looking for information on Workers' Compensation in the state of Georgia.” For more information, please visit http://www.gaworkerscomplawyers.com/

About GAWorkersCompLawyers.com
The new website is the client-facing portal for workers compensation attorney and auto accident case attorney Darwin F Johnson. The website is intended to provide detailed information on workers compensation injuries and laws within the state of Georgia. Readers will also learn about the law practice of Darwin F Johnson who has handled more than 2,500 personal injury and workers compensation cases that have been won or settled for a total of more than $25 million.