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Atlanta Worker's Compensation Attorney Explains "Why Your Claim May Get Denied"


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2016 -- The worker's compensation lawyer serving Greater Atlanta released an article on his firm's website that explains to injured workers a few of the most common reasons why claims are denied. According to Johnson, worker's compensation claim denials could occur for a range of reasons, stemming from failure to apply on time to violating laws and policies that led to injuries.

"The number one reason why people are denied benefits is because they don't apply for them in time," said Darwin Johnson. "The statute of limitations to file a claim in Georgia is one year after the accident, which is actually a generous to some other states."

Johnson's write-up notes that after the one-year-long window passes, the Georgia State Board of Worker's Compensation is required by law to deny a claim. His article also delves into other reasoning for benefit denials, like self-inflicted injuries, fighting, working while intoxicated and breaking laws and company policies.

Workers who are determined to have violated laws or company policies during their time of injury are ineligible to receive worker's compensation benefits. Johnson's article furthers that rationale by explaining that worker's compensation benefits are set in place to help people whose employers were negligent or reckless, not the other way around.

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