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Atlantic Software Store Offers Intego Coupon Code and Intego VirusBarrier Coupon Code


Waltham, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- Atlantic Software Store is a reliable company that offers people to save 25% on Intego Coupon Code and Intego VirusBarrier Coupon Code. These codes provide antivirus security and reliable protection from all kind of applications and devices that try to access the files of the customers.

Intego software company is founded in 1997 to provide their customers with security applications for different Apple products and Mac computers. The company provides a great variety of products for office users as well as for home use.

Intego Coupon Code is one of their most popular solutions that has a lot of benefits. It provides location-aware security for Mac computers. The item can be easily customized to meet client’s specific needs. The process of set up is also fast and simple.

The net barrier blocks any strangers, who try to gain access to the files. In addition, it sends customers warnings in case they are about to open a dangerous application. The special Identity Scrubber, included into the package, blocks effectively foreign applications, when they threaten to reach some sensitive domains on Mac. It also shields and if necessary deletes the customer’s personal information.

The exclusive Intego VirusBarrier Coupon Code gives people an opportunity to save 25% on this product and get full protection from any kind of Trojan horses, ootkits, worms, viruses, spyware and malware. It is an ideal option for small business owners, who use networked Macs and would like to protect their digital assets efficiently.

Realizing the unique security needs of Mac users, Atlantic Software Store offers Intego solutions that can efficiently protect them from online dangers. Since Intego is a leader in Mac and Apple security products that makes the Internet safer, this online store gives all Mac users a chance to get their favorite products at reduced prices using the Intego Discount Coupon Codes.

The moment when the Mac connects to the Internet, it becomes a target, as it is not immune to various online evils. It is easy for bad guys to install malware on Mac, so Intego Company has created the right solution against their tricks, which stops their malware before it begins its havoc action on the files. Intego VirusBarrier Coupon Code is award-winning software that will automatically scan and update to keep the customers protected 24/7.

Atlantic Software Store provides these useful products at discounted rates, so that Mac users can take advantage of these generous offers to protect themselves from malware of any kind.

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