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Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC Now Has Career Opportunities Available Online


Mt. Holly, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- For those who have been searching for a career that involves manning state-of-the-art equipment or they have the ability to use underground locating in NJ, they can now check Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC’s career opportunities page to see what is available. When it comes to using non-destructive measures to capture any voids in the ground, to find any utilities that are located, irrigation draining, etc., Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC does it all.

So, if a person happens to enjoy finding a hidden treasure, prevent any accidents from occurring, or see through bridges, Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC could be the perfect fit. Being headquartered in Mount Holly, NJ, their clients extend into Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware. If one is familiar with ground penetrating radar in NJ they can be a part of a method that sends pulses below the surface to receive an image below. Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC is dedicated to providing contractors and businesses with the ability to find various obstacles when it comes to construction projects or developments.

To become a part of the team at Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC, a person will be able to help contractors save money, time, and avoid any accidents from happening for those who may be drilling or building on a plot of land. Utility locating in New York is greatly beneficial to areas when digging and destruction is not possible due to crowded areas. Being one of the leaders in the subsurface imaging industry Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC continues to provide scanning solutions with the most advanced technology for the most accurate results. Browse through their site today to find out what positions are available and career opportunities might be a good fit.

About Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC
Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC features state-of-the-art equipment used for subsurface imaging and geophysical surveying. They use technology such as ground penetrating radar, bridge deck analysis, concrete scanning, utility locating and mapping, giving precise locations of subsurface materials. Concrete Scanning is used to find obstacles buried inside concrete structures. Utility Location is used to locate obstacles and utilities buried underground or under man-made structures such as slabs, roads, runways, and buildings. Bridge Deck Analysis is used to determine the condition of aging bridge decks for repair work as well as to verify new construction. Headquartered in Mount Holly, Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC serves New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. To learn more visit