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Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC Now Inspecting Concrete Utilizing Their Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar


Mt. Holly, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- As the cold temperatures this winter has produced a plethora of potholes and cracks in the concrete, it is important to inspect the surface of the concrete before cutting and drilling projects. To properly inspect the strength on concrete and the ground underneath the surface, Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC is announcing their services for concrete inspections utilizing their advanced ground penetrating radar (GPR). This process enables the professionals to detect problem areas, pipes, and components embedded underneath the concrete so as to ensure a safe drilling project. It is a reliable process to ensure the concrete is not destructed while reading conduit and rebar.

The subsurface imaging for concrete will accurately locate data and images with solely access to one side and without evacuation, for ultimate safety. Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC will be able to inspect various areas of a home—including floors, walls, garages, and balconies—as well as outdoor concrete areas like roads and bridges. As their equipment is compatible with a GPS, results from the readings are obtained instantaneous, which makes concrete imaging the recommended solution for scanning new construction sites.

The GPR technology consists of a power supply, antenna, and control unit. Able to capture an image of up to 18 inches under the earth’s surface, the GPR system produces a 3-D image for the professionals to analyze and interpret. An advanced tool for concrete scanning, those who are interested in the services provided by Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC will be treated to a number of advantages with the GPR. The multiple viewing options allow the user to browse data that otherwise cannot be seen with traditional measurements. Once the measurements have been taken, the results can be thoroughly analyzed on a computer.

Their equipment is battery powered, providing more flexibility and precision without being disturbed by electricity at large scanning areas. To hear more about their concrete inspection services, or to inquire on other projects performed by the professionals at Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC, please contact 609-297-5445 or visit their website today.

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Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC features state-of-the-art equipment used for subsurface imaging and geophysical surveying. They use technology such as ground penetrating radar, bridge deck analysis, concrete scanning, utility locating and mapping, giving precise locations of subsurface materials. Headquartered in Mount Holly, Atlantic Subsurface Imaging serves New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware.

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