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Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC Now Offering Golf Course Scanning This Spring 2014


Mt. Holly, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Known for their underground locating in New York, Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC is pleased to announce that they are now offering golf course scanning for any golf course planning or remodeling. Using the Ground Penetrating Radar technology, they are able to easily locate pipes and lines used for drainage or irrigation. Having this information readily available without damaging the golf course is invaluable for remodeling and planning purposes.

Golf courses are filled with underground drainage and irrigation lines. If any damage is done to the lines during a repair or renovation, it will not only cost the golf course a lot to fix the damage, but it will also force them to shut down part of the golf course during the repair. In turn, this will be money lost for the golf course. Hiring Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC to locate all underground piping and lines will be a good investment for the golf course. Obtaining a map of all underground utilities, pipes, and lines will be useful for years to come. This one time subsurface imaging can be used for years down the road and will save the golf course time and money. Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC can provide the golf course with a comprehensive ground penetrating radar drawing showing the depth and locations of all underground lines.

Atlantic Subsurface Imaging’s ground penetrating radar can detect objects in concrete, fresh water, ice, rock and soil. They offer other services such as bridge deck analysis, utility location, and concrete scanning. Having the ability to find objects underground without digging is priceless for many construction or renovation jobs. To locate underground utilities in New York, call Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC today for a free quote. This GPR (ground penetrating radar) report is something a company can use for years to come and will be well worth the cost of knowing what is underground before starting a project.

About Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC
Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC features state-of-the-art equipment used for subsurface imaging and geophysical surveying. They use technology such as ground penetrating radar, bridge deck analysis, concrete scanning, utility locating and mapping, giving precise locations of subsurface materials. Headquartered in Mount Holly, Atlantic Subsurface Imaging serves New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware.

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