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Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC's Ground Penetrating Radar Now Detects Problem Soil Conditions for Construction


Mt. Holly, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- When it comes to new constructions, contractors may be guessing as to what is underneath the land they are about to build upon. However, with Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC’s ground penetrating radar available in Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey and New York, construction workers in those states will now have the ability to gain more knowledge about the existing land they are working on. Depending on the area, and if it has been untouched for centuries, contractors could be completely guessing on the current conditions of the land below. This can be extremely important especially if there happens to be waste or even an old landfill buried below.

For land that has been quite desirable for years, but there is no word as to what has been there in previous years, it may be wise to contact Atlantic Subsurface Imaging for ground penetrating radar. Not only can it see if there is a landfill below, but it will also be able to see soft soil, gas lines, water, sewer, and much more. For ground penetrating radar in DE, or other surrounding areas, this will allow for a non-destructive method in detecting anything below the surface like that of an X-ray. As the world’s population begins to grow, ground penetrating technology will become increasingly more important. Development will need to increase on land that has been untouched making it vital to know if there has been anything there before.

Other features that the ground penetrating radar can determine is how moist the land is, which can be a significant determining factor when it comes to the strength of the ground. By having the ability to know the strength of the soil, it allows contractors to know how stable the land is that they are working on for construction purposes. This technology can be used when designing highways and other roadway constructions. When in need of ground penetrating radar in Philadelphia for a construction site, a person can now be sure about the ground below, knowing if it is a stable structure to begin building on. The evaluation of land is important when it comes to the unknown, therefore, with ground penetrating radar available in DE, it can be guaranteed knowing there are no landfills, moist land, etc. when it comes to new developments.

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