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ATM Canada Explains How Teller Machines Mean More Profits


Burlington, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2012 -- According to recent statistics released, the number of ATM cards in circulation in Canada is expected to increase to 124.5 million by 2016, says This rise of cards increases the need for ATM machines in businesses, stores and entertainment venues, says Scott Kitching, representative for ATM Canada, an ATM leasing company serving all of Toronto.

"We are selling and leasing ATM machines to venues all over the country, indoor and out. The need is definitely there. Because there are so many fees associated with Visa and MasterCards, more businesses are going to an all-cash way of doing business. Putting an ATM machine in to make it easier on their customers only makes sense." Says Kitching. He continues, "The bottom line is cash does not bounce. Paper money does not have the issues like: charge backs, disputes, bad checks, and the stress associated with checks and credit cards. Every business needs more cash and an ATM provides more opportunities for a business to be paid in cash for products and services.

Installing ATMs has become big business, and for good reason, according to Kitching. "When two-thirds of the nation’s population carries ATM cards, if a location is not providing ATM services, customers may look elsewhere." Statistics support the placement of ATMs in business, with recent studies showing that an average of 40%-60% of the money withdrawn from ATMs is actually spent in that location. When the money is withdrawn inside nightclubs, the percentage rises as high as 80%. Additionally, the use of moblie ATM services is on the rise too, with ATMs placed at festivals and concerts on a temporary basis.

ATM Canada has been providing ATMs for 15 years and Kitching knows that "owning your own ATM Machine is rarely a bad investment. The big benefit of owning your ATM Machine is making more money on the transaction share. We find merchants who want to own their own ATM Machine are believers and want that extra stream of income coming in on a regular basis."

Most businesses are curious about having an ATM on their premises, but most don't know how to get started, says Kitching. "We will not place, lease or sell a cash machine that will not be profitable and convenient to operate. Really, Canada ATM supplies all the hard work, and we stand behind our products. ATM Canada Inc will supply your receipt rolls, transaction processing, website reporting, and 24-hour toll-free technical support for as long as you process your transactions through us. Some businesses may even qualify for a free placement ATM Machine, in which case you will have virtually no monthly expenses."

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