ApplenMicro Launches Payday Loans Affiliate Program with Weekly Payouts


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2013 -- Atmpaydayloans is pleased to announce the creation of its first affiliate program. The program is available to all affiliates from all countries around the world, although traffic and leads must be targeted to US States. Affiliates can sign up at to start providing qualified payday loan leads.

At, affiliates are provided with the high quality support to grow their business and succeed as affiliate Marketers. The staff works tirelessly to optimize every aspect of affiliates’ websites, no matter how big or how small. The customized attention given to each client satisfies their individual needs and allows them to flourish within atmpaydayloans ever growing payday loan affiliate network.

With atmpaydayloans, affiliates have an incredible opportunity to earn more. Affiliates are Paid $40.00 For Each Legitimate and Valid Lead that's accepted by lenders.

Most Affiliates are earning in the range of $4000- $5000 every single Week. This may seem like impossible but all one needs to generate is 100 leads to make this kind of money.

In addition to great payouts, a full time Affiliate Marketing Manager and marketing team is also hard at work at atmpaydayloans. The Affiliate Marketing Manager is constantly working on the affiliate program to make sure it performs optimally and is the best on the web. This means someone is devoted full time to helping affiliates get the most money.

Once affiliates sign up with atmpaydayloans and their applications are approved, the Affiliate Marketing Manager will contact them with important information to help them get everything set up and running smoothly. Affiliates can always contact the Affiliate Marketing Manager with any questions or concerns and receive help every step of the way.

The diligent staff utilizes state of the art analytic tools in order to better understand affiliate's traffic and what drives them to convert. Affiliates can monitor traffic in real time, and someone is available to assist 24/7. By streamlining the process, is able to find advertisers that best suit affiliate needs, and can earn their sites the most money possible. Because when affiliates are successful, is successful .

The goal is to essentially optimize affiliates site for profitability. Atmpaydayloan is among the best payday loan affiliate program not only because of the tireless effort but also because they offer the highest payouts, not to mention the excellent incentive and referral program. And affiliates are paid weekly. Money is delivered quickly and consistently- No amount is too high or too small!

Atmpaydayloans new affiliate program is a great opportunity for both the company and affiliates to mutually benefit from each other. For more information, visit,

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