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ATS Containers Is Announcing Shipping Container Product Lines


Montreal, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- ATS Containers, a Canadian leader in storage solutions, is announcing its shipping container product lines for businesses across the country.

According to company officials, ATS Containers has everything to satisfy Canadian businesses that are seeking durable and flexible storage solutions.

Indeed, the company sells 20 feet and 40 feet shipping containers in regular, high cube and open side formats as well as used 20 feet, 40 feet and 10 feet containers in regular, high cube, insulated, flat rack and reefer formats.

Company executives also want to point out that  their shipping containers can be modified  and equipped with accessories. In fact, they can be modified with garage doors, insulation, steel retention pan, roll-up doors, I-Beam, custom paint job, electrical installations and insulated Job Box. On the accessories front, business owners have the possibility to equip their storage containers with a Securebox, a container padlock, twist lock stacking pins and container shelving.

ATS Containers also offer mobile offices made from shipping containers which, according to the company, is ideal for workplaces such as construction sites because of their ease of transportation, ground access and robust built.

The company invites businesses interested in their storage solutions to contact them at the coordinates below.

About ATS Containers
ATS Containers is a leading company in storage solutions since 1992. Its mission is to provide their customers with the best possible storage solutions at the lowest prices and most prompt delivery. The company is present in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

Its product selection can be summarized in 5 categories : new containers, used containers, modified containers, accessories and mobile office. ATS Containers also offers repair and terminal services.

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