Attack of the Clone: St. Louis African American Tech Start-Up Seeks Seed Round


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2014 -- The microjob landscape has been bleek unless your referring to the market mammoths fiverr, odesk, etc. The microjob market is very simple in concept; Small fees for small tasks. However there is a happy medium that has gone uncatered to.

The Market is ripe for a competitor to unite buyers and sellers on a much more robust network trivial scale Similar to the methods in which alibaba does,seamless online/offline integration on a macro/micro scale. Some Business Sprout from such cheap quality labor being introduced.

Through micro-platforms, exponential global and local opportunities lie awaiting to be introduced through the right channel. Fiverr has just released its ios and android app after 4 years of anticipation .. After review of recent surveys, users concluded that they hated being "bottlenecked" by select primary payment processors.

Paypal is a secure legacy payment processor whose processing methods arent as flexible as next generation processsors Dwolla and Skrill. New payment processors have emerged from the mobile payment industry. However its not hard to see the gaps in innovation in the microjob arena. User experience (UX) in general is still a mystical issue that is being explored and split tested vigorously.

Even companies like Google have acquired companies that specifically deal in User Experience (UX) to figure out just exactly what makes a person highly prone to completing a desired task. Pioneers in the micro job arena have concluded the industry will produce a billion dollar leader in the near future.

Fiverr's traffic is in the 5-6 digit range day end and day out. Its quite amusing how competitors have emerged but cant seem to scale to compete on a global level. Sites like "fourer" have sold for $30,000. however seems to have tuned into these subtle but unanswered functionality features.

10thster's revenue model is rather simple they take 3 dollars of every 10 dollar transaction with upsells and laser focused niche categories. Innovation on the horizon. A solid and "sticky'' social media plan is just one of 10thster's multiple marketing weapons.

10thster has included payment gateways such as Skrill, Bitcoin, Paypal,etc. This opens the doors to a much wider array of revenue generation. "Anyone with access to a debit card can use our services"as quoted by founder Otrez Chambers. The south St.louis start up is looking to integrate video conferencing API Weemo, between buyer/seller.

The company has bootstrapped since its conception and seeks funding for Mobile development, social media and bandwith upgrades.

This small start-up is considered a bargain play with ample potential and low cost overhead.St.louis , Mo. Tech scene is a breeding bed for .com startups and cloud companies just alike. Lockerdome, Cloudera, and Twitter are living proof that the talent pool is surplus.

Contact: is a Micro gig Video conferencing platform that aids to unite buyers and entrepreneurs around the world. Located in South St.louis and is currently in beta stage. COO email address: for further contact.