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San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2015 -- Travelers who often use credit cards and chase cards to buy airline miles very well know that loyalty programs keep on changing. Therefore, it is essential for them to check flyer programs regularly, so that their miles are not wasted and that they get the best deals for selling their extra miles. Keeping this in view, Wholesale Miles, Inc. is allowing individuals to sell their extra chase points at best prices. Through this service, frequent travelers who are left with excess chase points can save their money from being wasted. Those who are willing to sell chase miles can directly request a quote by filling the simple questionnaire present on the company's official website, WholeSaleMiles.com.

Industry leader, Wholesale Miles Inc. is well known for buying and selling chase points at the most competitive prices. With their team of dedicated and qualified professionals, the company aims at helping their customers to sell chase miles conveniently, without any hassles. Besides selling chase points, Wholesale Miles, Inc. also provides assistance in selling Air France Miles, American Airline Miles, United Airline Miles, Delta Air Miles and many others. Not just this, individuals can trust on the company for providing various flyer programs at the industry's best prices.

One of the spokespersons from the company stated, "Naturally, people can always trade their airline miles as well, sell miles to those travelers who do not have enough miles or redeem chase rewards. Whatever these people decide to do, they should make most of the miles they have collected up to that very moment and be careful, so that they do not expire."

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Wholesale Miles, Inc. is a reputable miles and point's broker that offers the best pay for one's miles and points. If customers are looking to sell or flip their miles, this company will hands-down get them the best price with unbeatable customer service. Wholesale Miles can also assist customers in buying miles and points by selling miles and points below market rate prices. Give them a try and request a quote today! Don't let the miles expire - earn some cash. Located near the San Francisco International Airport, they specialize in working with all airlines and their points programs.

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