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Attic & Crawl Space Cleaning - Nuisance Rodent Rats Mice Removal


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- Pest problems are not just limited to the elimination of the pest, people have to understand that pests such as rodents and mice do a lot more damage than just being a nuisance, rats and mice are notorious for the germs and diseases they spread. Additionally, these pests can also cause structural damage to a house, especially in the attics and crawlspaces. Thus, it is essential that not only the pests are taken care of but proper measures are taken to deal with the damage they might have done to a structure. Understanding why it is necessary to clean out the attic insulation can help people not only avoid certain unwanted critters but also save money.

Cleaning out Attic Insulation is necessary because:

To ensure an attic is properly air sealed
Wet or molding insulation can lead to odors and rotting wood
Insufficient insulation costs money by allowing excess heat loss/gain
To avoid animal infestation/contamination

Potential air leaks can cause insulation to lose it effectiveness, summers will be warmer and winters will be colder if attic insulation has air leaks and this all will result in a rise of utility bills. Therefore it is clear that insulating the walls and roof of an attic can provide additional savings. Air leaks could also mean rodent infestation or cause mold or mildew. It is essential that professional Attic and Crawlspace restorers are called in to tackle such problems. Clean Crawls specializes in crawlspace & attic deodorizing, green insulation, and insulation removal. Their weatherization can create a healthier environment in a home.

They can provide services such as removing any existing old insulation and thoroughly clean up the area, removing debris, air-seal all penetration points with EcoSeal air sealant, install new insulation within the floor cavity also wrap water pipes and put down a vapor barrier over the soil. They can also seal and insulate exposed air heating ducts throughout the crawl space, fix or replace broken or leaky vent screens and secure all crawl space access points and install a sump pump for drainage if necessary. Therefore it is clear that the Clean Crawls team is ready and equipped to take any step to ensure a clean and safe attic and crawlspace.

By employing their expert services people can protect their house, family and their pockets from all attics and crawlspace insulation problems, thus maintain a healthy and safe home for their families.

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