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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- Attic Wizard – To Ensure a Truly Clean Attic 15+ Year Old Company with Proven Record of Satisfactory Customer Service

Attic wizard specialises in cleaning attics, both in private residences and in office spaces. It offers a bouquet of useful services that the client can pick from to ensure a clean attic and a relaxed weekend.

Getting down on one’s knees to clean the attic and crawl spaces is not only a highly tedious process, but a dangerous one as well. This is chiefly why attics are rarely clean and rarely used. The attics are given a wide berth by the residents even during spring cleaning. But result is a build-up of harmful bacteria, fine dust, dead insects, debris and a host of allergens, all of which will be breathed in by the residents. The experts in the company bring in the right equipment and attitude to ensure a perfectly clean attic with minimal disturbance to the client.

Another specialised service that the company offers is Crawl Space Cleaning.

During the cleaning process, effective repellents are also employed to ward off insects, pests and harmful bacteria. Since these are administered within the home insulation system, they are not only proven safe, but also endure for longer periods of time. With regard to insulation too, Attic Wizard employs some of the best insulation contractors to ensure glitch free insulation.

With over fifteen years of service in the field, Attic Wizard makes Insulation replacement a cost effective and time saving affair.

About Attic Wizard
Attic Wizard provides professional attic cleaning services in the Los Angeles area. The company is a trusted household name with over a decade of experience in the field of attic cleaning and insulation services.

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