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Attitude - the Cornerstone of Leadership: Four-Decade Basketball Coach Urges Leaders to Examine Their Attitudes Through New Book.

Written by Pat Sullivan, ‘Attitude – The Cornerstone of Leadership’ proves that being a strong leader is all about attitude. Using this bold word as a powerful acronym, Sullivan’s new book helps all leaders examine their approach to Attitude, Teamwork, Toughness, Intelligence, Thank You, You, Determination, and Effort.


Shorewood, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2013 -- After spending almost fifty years coaching on the basketball court, Pat Sullivan knows more than a thing or two about leadership and the attitude required to lead effectively. Tying these two traits together, Sullivan is delighted to announce the launch of his ground-breaking new book.

‘Attitude – The Cornerstone of Leadership’ was written to both inspire and empower action among business, athletic, and other organizational leaders.


Being a leader is all about attitude. Or, in this case, ATTITUDE. An acronym with simple, practical concepts describing the personal characteristics of the best leaders and how to develop those characteristics in yourself.

ATTITUDE follows several key concepts: First, of course, attitude itself, and your positivity or negativity in everyday life. The rest of the acronym - teamwork, toughness, intelligence, thank you, you, determination, and effort - is everything you need in order to lead people, not by words but by the inspiring way in which you conduct yourself and show up every day ready to listen, learn, and grow. The concepts presented are uncomplicated, addressing leadership through real-world examples. For example, effort itself is nothing if it is not consistent. Success cannot come without a willingness to fail and make mistakes - and to learn from those mistakes and show up the next day with the determination to try again and take personal responsibility. Toughness is not hardness, but instead, working through difficult times without a litany of complaints and, perhaps most important, true intelligence comes from an understanding that knowledge is not always displayed by showing how much you know, but by how well you listen.

These characteristics add up to a successful leader - not because he or she tells people what to do, but because he or she embodies characteristics that others will aspire to. Use this fun and insightful guide to think about the principles of leadership and how you can apply them in everyday life.

As the author explains, his book is one of the first to directly tie attitude and leadership together.

“Plenty of books are written about both subjects individually, but none that I am aware of explain how the two feed off each other and ultimately package up the perfect leader. Any leader can easily relate to the stories I share and they will be left examining their own leadership attitude,” says Sullivan.

Continuing, “They say that leaders no longer manage people – they coach them. With this in mind, my experience on the court has exposed me to a myriad of good and bad attitudes. I’m now in a position to share everything I’ve learned.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews.

“As with most things in life, attitude is absolutely core to becoming an effective leader. Pat Sullivan offers 8 keys that all of us can use on our respective journeys toward becoming extraordinary leaders,” says Tom Kennedy, reviewing the book on Amazon.

Another reader was equally as impressed, adding, “If you have children, Pat Sullivan would be the dream coach for them. Not only a basketball coach, but a life coach. Attitude - The Cornerstone of Leadership is a reflection across 40+ years of Pat's career. His insights - whether it be religion, social matters, history, business or sports - are very applicable to the world we live in today.”

‘Attitude – The Cornerstone of Leadership’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1ibQoZc.

About Pat Sullivan
Pat Sullivan was a successful basketball coach, teacher, and administrator in the Chicago area for forty-four years. His high school and college teams won 599 games in his career and he was named Coach of the Year at the conference and state levels on twelve occasions and Coach of the Tournament in the prestigious National Catholic Basketball Tournament in 1986. He was named Coach of the Year in each of the four decades he coached. He has spoken at coaches clinics throughout America for the USA Coaching Clinics and has presented clinics and/or camps in Belgium, Austria, Ireland, and Greece. He has also spoken to businesses from Boston to San Francisco on leadership. Among his many honors are valedictorian of his Lewis College graduating class, NAIA State of Illinois and the Great Lakes Region Athletic Administrator of the Year, and Community Leaders of America. Lewis University gave him the Distinguished Alumni Award in Education, and the Will County Chamber of Commerce presented him with their Lifetime Achievement Award. His career was recognized with two recent honors. He received the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Buzzy O'Connor Award for lifetime contributions to Illinois basketball and had the recreation center at the University of St. Francis named the Pat Sullivan Center.