Attorney Andrew M. Jaffe Announces New Website


Fairlawn, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- Akron area E-Commerce and Internet Law Attorney Andrew M. Jaffe is pleased to announce the launch of his new website at The Fairlawn, Ohio law firm is located in northern Ohio and serves clients throughout the nation.

Attorney Andrew M. Jaffe has been practicing law since 1977. Mr. Jaffe has specialized in Internet law for over a decade, helping clients both in the United States and abroad. Mr. Jaffe assists his clients in understanding the ever-changing laws as they pertain to Internet use and other web-related legal issues.

E-Commerce Law
Mr. Jaffe is passionate about E-Commerce Law and assisting his clients whether they are online buyers or sellers. Mr. Jaffe is an expert in Internet Marketing Law. He is also proficient in assisting clients as they craft their Terms of Service and Privacy Policies for their websites and online stores.

Internet Law
Mr. Jaffe is also very experienced in other aspects of law, outside the online trade area. Mr. Jaffe can help clients deal with any issues that arise from Internet use, no matter the topic.

Personal Representation
Mr. Jaffe prides himself on providing one-on-one service to all of his clients, no matter the issue. Mr. Jaffe personally represents each case in court, and only relies on co-counsel when necessary to represent a client in another location outside the Akron area. Mr. Jaffe also stays connected with his clients, answering calls and emails in a timely manner. Mr. Jaffe wants his clients to always be up to date on the latest happenings in their cases; never wondering what the latest developments are.

Attorney Jaffe's new website is full of information on the practice and the services offered. The website offers users the chance to interact with Mr. Jaffe and his staff. Attorney Jaffe's new website is powered by Avvo Ignite and offers connectivity to social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

About Andrew M. Jaffe
The Law Office of Attorney Andrew M. Jaffe is located at 3359 South Smith Road in Fairlawn, Ohio. They can be reached Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Appointments can be made at other times to accommodate a client’s schedule.

Contact them at: or Phone (330) 666-5026