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Attorney Anne Wedge-McMillen Gets Assault Charges Dropped for Client in Orlando, FL


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2015 -- Attorney Anne Wedge-McMillen, of The Umansky Law Firm, was able to help an innocent man have the charges against him dropped in a aggravated assault with a firearm case (Cite: 2015-CF-001108; Orange County Criminal Court). Court records show that the State dismissed all charges after key errors made by both the crime scene investigator and lead detective handling the case.

From day one, the defendant had denied all accusations that were made against him. Through Attorney Anne Wedge-McMillen's dedication to his case, she was able to get the crime scene technician to admit she missed the bullet damage to the defendant's vehicle and the lead detective to admit he neglected to consider the possibility that the defendant may have actually been the victim.

According to Florida Statute 784.021, aggravated assault with a firearm is considered a third degree felony that carries a minimum of three years in prison if convicted. This was a considerable victory for both Attorney Wedge-McMillen and her client, as this man will now be present for the birth of his child in December.

Anne Wedge-McMillen provides an exclusive perspective to the criminal cases she handles because of her past experience as a prosecutor and consultant for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. She holds a unique advantage during every stage of the case, as she is familiar with the strategies and negotiating tactics used by the State Attorneys. Her knowledge and experience is extremely valuable to every client she represents.

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