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Attorney Brian E. Simoneau Kicks off Hardship License Awareness Campaign

Attorney launches campaign to increase awareness of cinderella driver's license


Framingham, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- Attorney Brian E. Simoneau now offers a free consultation for clients interested in obtaining a Cinderella license in MA. Thanks to Melanie's law in Massachusetts, DUI penalties increased significantly, and Mr. Simoneau, a Hardship License Lawyer, understands how difficult this can make life for offenders, ones who may have made an honest mistake, believing they didn't consume enough alcohol to be considered driving under the influence.

"The free consultation allows for a detailed assessment of each client's situation to better determine which course of action is best in pursuing the hardship license. People often risk being arrested after their license has been suspended as they feel they must drive one or more places, possibly to work or to a medical appointment. With this license one can drive legally without fear," Mr. Simoneau explains.

The Hardship or Cinderella license allows one to drive for a 12 hour period, yet one must realize they aren't guaranteed this license. The court determines when one will be issued, and certain requirements must be met before the court will even hear one's request. For this reason, most applying for a license of this type choose to obtain legal assistance in preparing the request.

"The court requires different types of documentation, depending on the reason for the license suspension, and other facts of the case come into play. One must personally appear at their hearing, and all are entitled to representation. As the process can take months to be granted, one needs to start the process early. Schedule the free consultation so case preparation can begin right away," Simoneau continues.

Melanie's Law increased the penalties for driving under the influence within the state. If one refuses a breathalyzer he or she may have their license suspended under this law also, and it lays out the penalties when one operates a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol when a child under 14 is also in the vehicle.

"Make use of the free consultation to understand exactly what penalties may be imposed in your case. With the right defense, the charges may be reduced, if not completely dismissed. In those cases where penalties are imposed, one may request a hardship license, and we are more than happy to assist with this process. Transportation has become a necessity in today's fast moving world. Make sure you don't have to do without yours for a moment longer than is absolutely necessary. We're happy to help you with this process at any time," Simoneau declares.

About Attorney Brian E. Simoneau
Attorney Brian Simoneau helps clients throughout the state of Massachusetts return to the road legally, making use of a hardship license to do so. Mr. Simoneau reviews each client's situation before determining how best to go about getting one's license reinstated with the help of a hardship license, having done so for countless clients over the years.