Attorney David Hammerstad Announces New Website


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- Seattle domestic violence defense attorney David Hammerstad, an expert in domestic violence defense, announces the launch of his new website at He brings his wide experience and dedication to criminal defense law to clients in the greater Seattle area who are accused of domestic violence.

Dedication to defense law

Dave's heart has been in defending the underdog throughout his entire legal career. After graduating from Stanford University, Dave attended law school at Georgetown University, where he volunteered with low-income clients in landlord-tenant and personal injury cases. Later, he worked in the New Hampshire Public Defender's office for five years, gaining experience across a wide range of misdemeanor and felony defense cases. His familiarity with Washington State began ten years ago, when he entered the felony division of The Defender Association in Seattle. Later, in his private practice, he has drawn on his broad experience to develop a keen focus on defending clients against accusations of domestic violence.

Realistic guidance

Legal consequences can unfold rapidly after an arrest for domestic violence, and it's crucial to have the calm, supportive guidance of an attorney who is well-versed in Washington's laws. Dave provides his clients with insights into every aspect of their cases, helping them navigate all the simultaneous challenges of a domestic violence arrest. Civil protection orders call for various responses depending on the nature of a case, and cellphone records can be helpful or damaging; Dave will offer useful advice from his years of experience in handling similar situations.

Positive results

Dave has a long list of good outcomes showing how his advocacy has benefitted prior clients. These include cases in which he persuaded juries that the objective evidence was not compatible with the alleged victim's story, and other situations in which he was able to suppress evidence from illegal traffic stops. He has had cases dismissed after persuading the court that the alleged victim was actually the first aggressor. Domestic violence accusations almost always involve a complex history between two people, and Dave can calmly untangle the threads of a legal situation in such a way as to support the person accused. He has the dedication to explore and pursue all possible avenues toward a positive outcome for clients during a confusing and heartbreaking period in their lives.

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