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Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/17/2013 -- Legal Yogi would like to provide an introduction to their services with some advice about divorce help for men, and the paternal end of the custody battle:

- Conventions of the Custody Issue
- Joint Custody
- Gaining Full Custody
- Custody Conflict

Conventions of the Custody Issue

Those fathers who feel they are hopeless in the divorce struggle can rest assured that courts do favor fathers more in child custody issues than commonly thought, and are not allowed to show any bias. Recent use of a gender neutral standard for a child’s needs in the court’s determination of custody has led to a process of fair consideration for the child’s relationship with either parent. Courts no longer favor the tender use doctrine, which places the need for a mother’s care over the father.

Joint Custody

Joint custody is the most agreeable result of a custody battle. Joint custody is when both parents agree to allow the other equal possession: divided time and control over a child’s affairs (school, medical records). Visitation rights do not take affect under joint custody, but rather of sole custody. Joint custody requires the intention of both parents to maintain a working relationship. If this is not possible, neither is the settlement, and a battle will be necessary.

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Gaining Full Custody

A father who wants full custody of a child after a divorce should be prepared for the court system. It may be difficult if the arrangement with the mother is working well. The father will have to testify to their relationship with the child. There may need to be a case against the mother if she is not agreeable. A good lawyer will know how to build a liability case and help the father argue for his relationship with the child.

Custody Conflict

Sometimes the observance of custody goes against court sanction. Sometimes problems arise in the relationship between the child and the possessing parent. Sometimes visitation schedules or child support needs to be rearranged.

If the current custodial arrangements are not able to be worked out cooperatively, they can be enforced in court if with a record of the parent’s non-compliance.
A good attorney for child custody will provide guidance and help in negotiating custody orders, child support, or visitation rights and schedules.

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