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All Attorney Guide Attorney's Pass Rigid Ethical Certification Process

Synopsis of the ethical certification process Attorney Guide lawyers undergo.


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2012 -- Every single member of the Attorney Guide family has undergone the full ethical certification process that Attorney Guide prides itself on. This ensures that clients can trust the word, the quality of legal advice and the courtroom approach of any Attorney Guide lawyer. This ethical certification saves clients countless hours of searching for disciplinary actions and other ethics issues that less scrupulous attorneys often have hidden in their records. Attorney Guide feels that clients in all manner of legal situations deserve only the best representation available and that representation should have a proven ethical history and track record. To ensure clients have easy access to ethical legal counsel only lawyers that have passed this rigorous testing process are allowed onto the ranks of the search feature.

The Ethical Certification cannot be bought or affected in any way by lawyers wishing to join the Attorney Guide family. An exemplary prior record is the only way to ensure proper ethical certification. This means that the lawyer has a strong standing in the Nevada state bar. It ensures a clean public record with no ethical rule violations. It also requires positive client feedback on behalf of the attorney, a full year of licensed practice, and strict compliance with Nevada Bar truth in advertising rules. This means the legwork is clear, truthful and Attorney Guide makes finding a Nevada attorney far simpler for clients to reach out to the right attorney for their unique needs.

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