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High Profile Lawyers Cohen & Padda Proudly Join Attorney Guide Family

Information on Cohen & Padda joining the family of lawyers.


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- The ranks of Attorney Guideā€™s family of experienced legal counsel continues to swell with the ranks of the finest ethically certified attorneys that the Nevada bar association has to offer. Trial Lawyers Ruth L. Cohen and Paul S. Padda, founding partners of Cohen & Padda, LLP are aggressive advocates in a wide range of legal matters with a success state that speaks for itself. Cohen and Padda combine 45 years of experience between them with 100 jury trials and a record on five state bars. In addition to a vast legal knowledge and undeniable legal experience both Ruth and Paul are proud to have passed the rigorous standards of the ethical certification process.

With requirements beyond an outstanding success rate, not every Nevada bar association attorney fits all the requirements to be officially ethically certified by Attorney Guide is proud to say that the long records of both Cohen and Padda are free from any ethical reprimands or judgments. Both Cohen and Padda represented high ranking federal officials including prominent senators and federal judges. They offer the same exacting service to each and every client. Focusing on personal injury employment matters, sexual harassment civil rights and immigration as well as civil business law and significant white collar criminal defense cases both locally and federally.

When a law firm like Cohen & Padda LLP passes the ethical certification process of everyone wins, especially the clients who gain fast easy and painless access to the best and most ethical lawyers the Nevada bar association has to offer. Click here for more information about new members Cohen & Padda LLP.