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Attorney in Phoenix Informs Public About Major Changes Affecting the Tax Industry


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- For anyone experiencing problems with their financial management, debt relief agencies are the answer—especially because such companies are dedicated to helping their clients find their way out of debt.

For years, individuals in need of financial services have contacted the Law Offices of Frederick W. Meissner for help. The firm, which is open seven days a week, connects clients to a tax attorney in Phoenix that can provide them with the best solutions. The attorneys that work at the firm are experts on the functions, enforcements, and intricacies of United States tax laws.

“[Very few Phoenix tax attorney] have this type of insight into IRS practices and procedures,” states an article on the company’s website. “This expertise makes us very effective tax advocates for our clients, and gives us the ability and flexibility to solve a diverse array of complicated tax problems.”

Recently, the Law Offices of Frederick W. Meissner revealed important Arizona tax industry updates as a part of their mission to increase public awareness.

For one, the number of Arizona and Phoenix sales tax audits is expected to increase. In hopes of generating some extra revenue, Arizonians are now required to report purchases that retailers did not charge any tax for. This information should be filled out on their tax returns, and any returns without information on that line can expect to be audited. In a similar vein, the construction industry will also be subjected to increased audits.

Secondly, the tax industry has now created the Fresh Start Program. The program plans to implement favorable changes for taxpayers’ IRS offers by offering compromises and installment agreements.

Additionally, the Law Offices of Frederick W. Meissner announced that, in 2013, estate tax exemption is set to decrease to $1,000,000, while the top estate tax rate is expected to increase to 55%.

All tax lawyer Phoenix agents employed at the law firm are knowledgeable in these updates. Any person interested in receiving answers to their asset protection Tucson, wills, taxes, and other financial questions are invited to schedule an appointment today with the Law Offices of Frederick W. Meissner.

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