Attorney Jerry Stimmel Announces New Website


Kirkland, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- King County criminal defense attorney Jerry Stimmel announces the launch of a new professional website. The website,, provides valuable information to clients and those in need of criminal law support in Seattle, Kirkland and other areas throughout Washington state.

With over 25 years in jury trials and appeals and experience as a special assistant U.S. attorney, attorney Jerry Stimmel knows the courts well. He also spent some time as the deputy King County prosecutor and has served in a variety of capacities in the U.S. Air Force. He has since turned his attention to helping those in the greater Seattle area who are facing criminal accusations build strong, solid defenses.

Serious Criminal Offenses Attorney

After accusations of serious criminal offenses, defendants face life-changing consequences, including long prison stays or, in Washington state, the death penalty. Attorney Stimmel is ready to defend individuals accused of serious crimes such as homicide, sex offenses, drug offenses and serious thefts.

Violent Crimes Attorney

When individuals are accused of violent crimes, domestic violence or restraining order violations, they need a solid legal team behind them, as courts often side toward the alleged victim in these cases. With a long prison term as the possible outcome, building a solid defense is crucial in these cases.

Expungement Attorney

When King Country residents face criminal convictions, they often face ongoing difficulties in jobs searches and basic civil rights. To fix this problem, attorney Stimmel helps individuals through the expungement process to wipe their records clean. In cases where civil rights or firearm rights are not protect, the law firm will help accused individuals restore those rights.

Cybercrimes and Work Crimes

Whether facing cybercrime charges or charges of fraud, embezzlement or other employment crimes, individuals in Washington State face fines and even imprisonment for these so-called "white collar" offenses. Attorney Jerry Stimmel's experience in the courts serves as a valuable asset when building defense for these cases.

With his new website, criminal defense attorney Jerry Stimmel provides clients with up-to-date information about this branch of the law. The site, which is powered through Avvo Ignite, is also linked to popular social media sites, to make sharing information and connecting with the law firm simple.

About Attorney Jerry Stimmel and how to contact him
Attorney Jerry Stimmel is located at 5400 Carillon Point, Building 5000 in Kirkland, Washington, 98033. The office is on the fourth floor. Contact the firm at 425-827-8105 or by visiting